NEW: Qi Gong Livestream Class with Rae Diamond! – ON HIATUS


Tuesdays 9-10 am PST

Livestream on Zoom, all donations benefit Sarana!
Suggested donation $10-15 per class, no one turned away for lack of funds

  • This all-levels hour-long Qigong class is designed to function as a weekly self-care practice.
  • De-stress, detox, settle your mind and emotions, bring movement and opening into your body, and build your energy.
  • Class begins with self massage and subtle, meditative movements to ease into the day, focus the mind, and promote physical and emotional healing.
  • The rest of the class will be more active – but still gentle – movements, designed to stretch, strengthen and integrate the whole body.
  • Feel free to join at any time, depending on your time, interests, and needs.

Use this Zoom Link to join
Meeting ID: 929 7451 051
Passcode: 915355

Try a 2-minute practice video here.

Make your class donations to Sarana directly through this link.

About Rae:
Rae Diamond is a teacher and lifelong student of Qigong, meditation, and Yoga. Her/their classes combine various Qigong traditions, including Wild Goose, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Five Animal Frolics, Primordial, Bone Marrow Washing, and Yijing Medical Qigong. Her/their teaching style is gentle, contemplative, fun, and therapeutic, with strong emphasis on attuning to nature, on mindful physical alignment, and on mind-breath-body coordination. Rae is a student of Qigong master, Dr. Bingkun Hu. Her/their teaching is also informed by Paul Grilley’s functional approach to anatomy, and over two decades of study of Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, meditation, and the Chinese medicine system, as well as over 15 years of professional practice of energy healing. Visit Rae’s website here.

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