A few weeks ago we put out a Testimonials Jar at the clinic to celebrate our 10th Anniversary month.

Here are some of the notes that we received:


“Whatever issues I’ve had, sleeplessness, anxiety, or cold/flu, headaches or chronic knee problems, I’ve had great relief from acupuncture here at Sarana. I’ve been coming since 2010. ~ Aline M.”



“You have literally saved my life, sanity and well-being for almost 9 years. I have been coming here after my husband died in 2009 — from emotional to a variety of physical problems, I have been amazed at the effectiveness of such work. Thank you! Thank you! ~ Arlene W.”

“I woke up on March 1, 2016 and could not get out of bed. By divine providence, a friend called me later that morning and recommended Sarana to me. It’s been two years, and my sciatica will never go away, but thanks to Sarana my back is mostly healed without the need for surgery. Sarana is a true lifesaver! ~ Ken A.”





You can always email us your feedback message, or alternately post a review on our Yelp page.

We may use your testimonial in our online media, so please let us know how you wish to be identified (or not).

Thank you!

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