Tui Na

image by Otto Norin via Unsplash

To add yourself to the waiting list click here. Tui Na is available to existing Sarana clients at the following times:

  • Wednesday 12:40 – 2:20 pm

What is Tui Na?
Tui Na is a Chinese manipulative therapy that works to improve the flow of energy along the meridians and in the muscles. The name consists of two Chinese characters: Tui 推 (pronounced ‘too-ey’) is ‘to push’ and Na 拿 (pronounced ‘na’) is ‘to lift and squeeze’. It is a deep-tissue medical technique focused on breaking up and opening areas of stagnation.

Appointments last about 30 minutes and consist of a brief intake, a rolling warm-up to prepare the body, and a short, targeted treatment for your specific health concern(s). Tui Na does not use any oil and is done with your clothing on.

Tui Na is offered as a separate service from acupuncture and appointments are available for current Sarana clients seeking an additional modality to supplement their acupuncture treatments. However, depending on availability, you will be able to book acupuncture sessions on the same day as Tui Na session. Visit the Tui Na information page on our website for more information.

How does a Tui Na treatment feel?
Tui Na is a clothes-on massage that begins with the “Rolling” technique. Typically the practitioner begins at the upper shoulders and will ‘roll’ their hand down the length of the spine, over the buttocks, and down the legs to end at the toes. This technique is repeated in equal amounts on both sides of the back to open and relax the muscles in preparation for deeper work.
After you are comfortable and relaxed, the practitioner will begin using techniques that they have selected for your specific complaint.

Techniques may include:

  • ‘Plucking’ – a rapid pulling motion across a band of muscle that aims to shock the muscle into relaxing
  • ‘Pressing’ – the practitioner will slowly push their thumb or elbow into an acupuncture point, moving deeper as the muscle and tissue around the point relaxes and opens
  • ‘Rocking’ – the practitioner gently pushes the body in a back-and-forth motion to remind the muscles to work together
  • And more!

Does it hurt?
Tui Na should not be painful. There are times when ‘tender’ spots are pressed on or worked with. Something feeling tender is okay. Sharp, stabbing pain is not!If you experience sharp, stabbing pain during a Tui Na session, let the practitioner know immediately.

What can Tui Na help with?
Tui Na can be used for a wide range of conditions. Many research studies have shown the benefit of Tui Na support for many conditions. (You can do an internet search for “Tui Na pubmed” and check out how many articles come up!) Tui Na and Acupuncture are based on the same theoretical principles and go hand-in-hand, so a good rule of thumb is that if acupuncture can help with a condition, Tui Na can help, too!


  • Are pregnant
  • Have a fracture or an open wound
  • Have a bleeding disorder or bruise easily
  • Have skin rash or sores / ulcers (non-intact skin) in the area being treated
  • Are receiving radiation or chemotherapy
  • Have had a whiplash injury less than 2 weeks ago

How do I prepare for Tui Na?

  • Make sure you have eaten more than 1 hour before your Tui Na treatment
  • Eat a meal and hydrate soon after Tui Na
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing

What aftercare should I do?

  • Take it easy the rest of the day after your session, try to rest for at least an hour
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help flush out any toxins from your system
  • Avoid extremes of temperature and activity for at least 24 hours after your session

How often should I get Tui Na?
Tui Na is similar to acupuncture in that no two treatments will be exactly the same – even if they feature the same techniques done by the same practitioner! Right now, we only have one Tui Na shift per week, so it isn’t possible to get Tui Na at Sarana more often than that.

An example of a treatment plan could be to come once a week for a month, for a particular issue, and then once a month or so for maintenance. Feel free to ask the Tui Na practitioner what they recommend for your condition. We also encourage you to continue getting regular acupuncture, as Tui Na is intended to bolster and improve the effects of acupuncture treatment.

Other Tui Na Information
Tui Na is currently only available to book for existing Sarana clients. If you are interested in receiving Tui Na and are new to the clinic, you’ll need to book an acupuncture appointment and go through our new patient orientation and intake process. After this, you’ll be eligible to add Tui Na or Cupping as supplemental therapies to your treatment plan.

Sliding Scale and tipping
We are pleased to be able to offer Tui Na on the same sliding scale as acupuncture and our other services ($30-60). No discounts or promotional rates apply. Cash tips to the practitioner are welcome but not required, nor expected.