Not ALL masks are made equal

A recent new study examined the efficacy of different types of masks, from N95s to surgical masks to bandanas and neck gaiters. Though this study was primarily designed to verify the method of testing masks, it still offers some insight into the level of protection offered by the different types of face masks. Here’s a good summary of the study. Besides the N95s, which have to be professionally fitted and are still reserved for medical personnel, the surgical-style/simple pleated medical masks are the most effective masks that you can buy right now. Cloth masks with a tight weave and multiple layers also work well, but bandanas and gaiters are not that helpful.

Because of this evidence we request that you wear a two-layer cloth or medical mask while receiving treatment at the clinic. Please see the image in this post for a summary. Please do not wear single layer thin fabric/jersey covers, neck gaiters, scarves or bandanas. We still do not allow any masks with valves, unless the valve is visibly covered with cloth or taped shut. You can also put a cloth mask over your valved respirator-style mask if you feel you need to wear it.

We have a decent supply of simple two-layer pleated cotton cloth ($5) and medical ($1) masks for sale at the front desk. You can also “rent” a cloth mask for $2 for the duration of your clinic visit.

Please be aware that when you arrive for your appointment, your practitioner may ask you to wear a different mask if they determine your face covering is not sufficiently safe for our indoor group setting. Your mask should cover your nose and mouth and fit under the edge of your chin. Please sanitize your hands after adjusting or touching your mask and keep the touching/adjusting to a minimum.

Thank you for being respectful of this request and helping us keep our community safe!

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