Community Pilates Fundraiser – Hourglass Movement (with Efrat Simhi Aloni)

From our wonderful volunteer Efrat (Effie):

Let’s give back and keep Sarana Community Acupuncture alive! I will donate 50% of your Pilates class fee back to Sarana!

Hourglass Movement Announces Community Group Class: Beginner-Intermediate Mat Pilates!

Virtual Pilates session – July 1-31 2020.

Meeting on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri from 7:30am- 8:00 am PST.

COST: $12 per class ($6 of which donated to Sarana!) 🌻

Email to enroll!

NOTE FROM EFFIE: “Five years ago I came to Sarana with chronic pain that drained my energy and limited me severely. After receiving regular treatments from Sarana practitioners, I decided to have hope and dream big. With the help of acupuncturists and the Pilates method, I was able to change my story.

I am excited to announce a virtual Pilates morning workshop, where I’ll share with you my love for movement through the Pilates method. You are welcome to join me for a series of dynamic and energetic half hour sessions focused on starting your day with body alignment, balance and strength exercises to bring harmony and stamina into your life. Whether you are looking for some light exercise a few times a week or interested in developing a new daily routine, this class will help you to build physical and emotional alignment before you start your day.”

Thanks Effie!!

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