Sarana Soup Mix for Immunity and General Wellness

We keep a soup mix in stock in our clinic that is great year round but especially when the colds and flus start to make an appearance (hello, back to school time!). We create each bag by hand, and with love!

The herbs in our soup mix can be used for general wellness, energy boosting, immunity, digestion support, and mood support.

Use your usual chicken or vegetable soup recipe, and add the herbs to the water at the start of the cooking process. For the best effect, simmer the herbs for at least 45 mins. Add any fresh seasonal veggies you like, and/or garlic or ginger.

The herbs can be strained out, or left in the soup.

Eat the soup daily for 1 week while recovering from an illness, or once a week to support wellness and to get an energy boost!

Instructions for preparation, and full ingredients list, are included in your soup kit.

Each bag is enough for 4-6 servings, and is $4. Come get your soup mix and an acupuncture treatment (or massage or cupping) today!

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