New Blanket System Starts November 1st

To help our practitioners work more efficiently, we are instituting a new “blanket policy” starting this November:

  • We will no longer put any blankets on the recliners / massage tables in the treatment room.
  • All blankets and pillows will be stored on the wooden shelves, and every client will be asked to grab what they need from the shelves on their way to their recliner.
  • The clients will also be responsible for folding and putting away their own blankets at the end of their session to the best of their ability. 

Please check out the info-graphic below for all the information you need.

If you are dealing with physical limitations preventing you from complying with this policy, just let your practitioner know, and they will assist you.


Thank you for helping us keep your community healing space tidy and comfortable for everyone!

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